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2018-09-12 10:50:29 BdST

18 projects worth approval of 17 thousand 786 crore

The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council has finalized a total of 18 projects, including the Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project, which was aimed at expansion of city health care. The total cost of implementation of these projects has been estimated at 17786 million 95 lakh taka. Of this, 13,873 crore 44 lakh taka from the government fund, the implementation of the implementing agency's own financing will be 42.22 million and foreign aid will be available from 3, 930 crore 89 lakhs.

The approval was given at the Ecnec meeting held at the NEC conference room in the city's Sher-e-Bangla Nagar with Ecnec chairperson and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chairmanship.
After the meeting, Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal briefed reporters about the project. He said financial and physical access to primary healthcare will be developed in areas covered by the Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project. In order to ensure the services of the poor people through quality of basic health services and essential services related to maternal and child health services for the residents of the city.

He said that in order to increase the number of primary health care providers, the provision of primary health care to the poor women, newborns and children will be strengthened and the institutional arrangements of primary health care companies in the project area will be strengthened.
Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery project will cost Tk 1,136 crore.
The Planning Minister said that if the dangerous river like China's Hoongheo River is ruled out. So why can’t we rule our rivers? Every river of our country will be ruled gradually. Many projects are being taken for this.

He thinks that if food is not there in the country, then the food needs of the people will be fulfilled by the people's food needs.
The minister said, the Prime Minister instructed that the deadly ground to be constructed will be written on the body of the freedom fighters, who are lying here.
He also said that six parliamentary seats will be upgraded to 6 madrasas. Apart from this, more 200 madrasas will be developed in special consideration. Responding to a question, the minister said the country's transport and communication system has developed a lot. As a result, there is no problem supplying the product. So, inflation will not increase in the coming months.
Other projects approved by AKNK are: Rural Transport Improvement Project-2, the cost of implementation of this project has been estimated at Tk 4,819 crore 70 lakhs. The expenditure on completion of the untimely completion of the PC Girder Bridge on the Lohalia river of Patuakhali district will be Tk 102 crore. The cost of the reservoir and dredging project of Arial Khan river of Faridpur district has been estimated at Tk 291.94 million. Noakhali, Feni, Laxmipur, Chittagong and Chandpur agricultural development projects will cost Tk 69.43 million Electricity distribution system, Chittagong zone costing Tk 1,421 crore 48 lakhs.

Expansion and strengthening of the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) project costing Tk. 51.45 million Pabna science and technology will cost Tk. 480 crores 60 lac for the development of the schools. Coordination, modernization, maintenance and enlargement of the research reactor facility of 3 MW of capacity building of the Nuclear Energy Research Institute of Savar has been estimated to cost 74 crore 95 lakhs. The physical infrastructure development project cost of 8 municipalities of Jamalpur district has been estimated at Tk 612.88 million The cost of land acquisition project for the underground water treatment plant of Rajshahi WAS has been estimated at 78.66 million taka.
Besides, the history of the old Dhaka Central Jail, the historic building and the cost of development projects, the cost of development project has been estimated to be 607 crore 36 lakhs taka. During the war of liberation, during the war of liberation, Tk 442.44 million would be spent on the construction of the massacre used for genocide by the Pakistani occupation force and construction of a memorial monument. The cost of construction of the Rupnapur-Faridpur-Bhanga Railway and construction project was 347.31 million taka. Jamalpur-Dhanua-Kamalpur-Roumari-Datbhanga district highway has increased the cost of projecting and strengthening the project costing Tk 332 million 10 lakh. The cost of strengthening the first-class weather observatory of the 13 river ports of Bangladesh has been estimated to cost 80 million and 50 million taka. The development projects of technical and madrasa education divisions will cost Tk 5,698 crore 63 lakh. Barisal Division Rural Infrastructure Development Project costing Tk 920 million

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