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From ‘sneak thief’ to ‘drug lord’: Shamsher owns Tk100cr in 2yrs

Just two years ago, he could not afford an autorickshaw fare from an office in the capital’s Dakshinkhan area to Chanpara in Narayanganj, rather used to ask for it from others. But now he drives luxury cars and owns vast swathes of land and properties worth Tk100 crore.

Turned into a “drug lord” from a “sneak thief,” the name of the figure in question is Shamsher, also known as Shamsher Member.

Sources said he has amassed a huge volume of assets by reigning over the crime world at Chanpara, also dubbed as the inter-district depot of drugs. His words are the unwritten law in the area. Once a street urchin, Shamsher has now become the “underworld godfather”.

Son of Hasmat Ali Doyal, Shamsher is a resident of Block-3 at Chanpara under Kayetpara union in Rupganj upazila.

He is accused in 22 cases, including five murder lawsuits, filed with different police stations, including Rupganj. He is also accused of rape, robbery, and theft in other cases.

He made a fortune after becoming a member of Kayetpara Union Parishad (Ward-9) through the by-election held on 12 June 2023.

He also maintained special relations with influential people, including the prime minister’s former assistant private secretary (APS-2) Gazi Hafizur Rahman Liku. At times, Shamsher uploaded his photos with those influential individuals on his Facebook account. Apart from this, he also introduced himself as a senior official of a private television channel in various circles.

The name of Shamsher surfaced following the arrest of four members of a gang along with two firearms from a private car in the capital’s West Dholaipar area on 15 October last year.

The arrested said they were on their way to deliver the arms to Shamsher. Later, the police also raided Chanpara to arrest him. Shamsher, however, publicised that he “managed everything,” spending Tk70 lakh.

Later, he also reportedly recovered the money through extortion from 80 drug spots that are under his control in the area.

Various types of drugs, including heroin, yaba, crystal methamphetamine (crystal meth or ice), phensedyl and marijuana, are openly sold there.

Shamsher developed 100 plots by filling up an age-old water body called “Habur Pukur” at Chanpara. Of those, he also sold 60 plots for Tk6 lakh-Tk7 lakh each.

Apart from this, the UP member has grabbed khas land to develop plots and sold those to customers resorting to fraudulence. Besides, torture and terrorist activities helped him to become a billionaire from a pauper.

A couple of weeks ago, he bought 10 bighas of land in Pashchimgaon mouza under Kayetpara union for Tk1.5 crore. Prior to that, he purchased 20 bighas of land in Srinagar of Munshiganj in his name along with his two wives.

Besides, Shamsher has four air-conditioned buses on the Cox’s Bazar route with five other buses running under the banner of Asim Paribahan in the capital.

By controlling the drug trade syndicate, he collects about Tk20 lakh in extortion every week. Apart from this, he earns an average of Tk1 crore per month from his own drug and arms business.

Shamsher’s wives – Rozina and Khadija Begum – are also involved in drug trading. However, another individual named Shahabuddin has been conducting illegal drug business at Chanpara for a long time. He is smuggling drugs directly from Myanmar and India into the area, while Shamsher is ensuring “overall security”.

He leads at least 200 armed cadres in his gang to maintain dominance in the region.

According to the media investigation, he has been bribing various quarters, including officials of the local administration, with huge sums of money to ensure his supremacy there.

With the blessing of politically influential Amdadul Haque, the APS of textiles and jute Minister Golam Dastagir Gazi; Shamsher has been committing various crimes, including murder, robbery, mugging and drug trade in the area.

APS Amdad is giving shelter to the top terror in exchange for a handsome amount of commission monthly while the APS mainly manages local administration, sources say.

According to some local drug traders, if they do not pay commission for the drug trade to Amdad within the first day of a month, the local administration become active to carry out raids against them.

Amdad being the APS of Gazi for the last 15 years has made a fortune with properties in Narayanganj, Dhaka and some other parts of the country. He also controls the jhut trade with the factories in Rupganj using his own cadres.

Shamsher took control of the Chanpara Resettlement Centre after Bazlur Rahman, a former union parishad member, died in prison on 31 March 2023.

Shaon, Robin, Mujibar, and Mohammad Ali, identified as Bazlur’s accomplices, joined hands with Shamsher from that time.

Another drug trafficker Joynal Abedin, who was close to Bazlur, was in jail at that time. Shamsher, however, did not allow Joynal to enter the area after he was released on bail.

Regarding the criminal activities in Chanpara, Narayanganj Superintendent of Police Golam Mostofa Rashel said their drive against drugs is going on. “We conduct raids at Chanpara from time to time and are working on the issues that surfaced against Shamsher.”

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