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Kaliakoir Upazila achieved excellence in 7 category for the development of primary education


The current government is striving to bring about significant change in the physical, mental, social, moral, humanitarian, aesthetic, spiritual and emotional development of all children including the elimination of illiteracy and to inspire them in their patriotism, science mindset, creativity and dream of a better life.

Kaliakir Upazila is not behind in achieving this goal of primary education. As part of that, the honorable ministers, local public representatives, Upazila administration, Upazila Parishad, Upazila education office, primary school teachers, guardians, SMCs, all concerned, are working to implement the commitment to achieve sustainable development goals.

Various and child-friendly programs have been taken from the classroom to the wider range to ensure the quality of primary education in Kaliakoir.

We know that one of the factors that plays an important role in the baby's learning process is the environment around the baby. An ideal, joyful, child-friendly learning environment serves as the first attraction for a child's school.

Therefore, this environment should be pleasant, comfortable, compassionate and supportive, where the child will feel safe, be able to participate in various creative activities, and have the opportunity to be physically and emotionally involved.

For this purpose, all the Upazilas, namely, 122 government primary schools, have been decorated with rainbow colors with "The school burns in rainbow colors, children will learn to live" theme.

Due to the industrial area and lack of public awareness, students are likely to drop out of government primary schools. For this reason, students and parents have welcomed the initiative of dyeing rainbow to attract children to the school.

Not only exterior decoration, each classroom has been equipped as a multimedia classroom to make lessons attractive, take lessons in a fun environment, integrate with digital technology and achieve learning results in an audio-visual manner.

Moreover, 122 government primary schools of the Upazila started conducting lessons using the digital content in classroom, under the supervision of the Upazila Executive Officer, Upazila Education Officer and Assistant Upazila Education Officers.

Kaliyakoir Upazila has been recognized as the first Upazila of Bangladesh for the purchase of digital content in all schools simultaneously.

And this recognization has given by Mr. Mustafa Jabbar, the creator of Vijay Digital Content, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

In this regard, the government has ensured the maximum utilization of laptops and multimedia provided by the school as a breakthrough.

For the development of primary education, child-friendly initiatives have been taken in the primary schools of Kaliakoir through the allocation of money and locally collected at the school level in different sectors in the financial year.

Bangabandhu and the War of Liberation corner has been created in each government primary school to know the history of the War of Liberation and to inspire children in the spirit of the War of Liberation.

In order to develop the practice of honesty and morality among the children, the schools have honesty store and lost and found box. The walls of magnificence have been set up at the school level to practice human qualities since childhood.

One single room at all the schools of Kaliakoir Upazila is equipped with a solar system, which has attracted a lot of interest in the children. The subject is as interesting as it is instructive.

Recently, several other initiatives have been taken by the Upazila Administration and Upazila Education Office. Among these, the establishment of a waiting corner for guardians in the school, the establishment of a permanent stage, the construction of a flag altar in notable.

A uniform dress has been created for all the teachers of the Upazila to instill discipline among the teachers. Now the current Upazila Executive Officer wants to deliver a mid-day mill for the students in the backward area school.

This year another significant activity has been undertaken by the Upazila Administration and the Upazila Education Office. And that is admission notice, which is being circulated by creating leaflets and banners containing the facilities of the Government Primary School, which has received a lot of response in the Upazila.

Special contribution in conducting various modern, timely and varied activities and improving the quality of primary education; Kaliakoir Upazila has awarded by Special Upazila Executive Officer, Best Upazila Education Officer, Best Assistant Upazila Education Officer, Best Head Teacher and few more in 8 out of 15 categories in the District Level Competition of National Primary Education Medal 2019.

Upazila Executive Officer Kazi Hafizul Amin and Upazila Education Officer Rmita Islam have made significant contributions in implementing these effective and exceptional initiatives. 

They believe that with the successful implementation of all the above-mentioned activities, the primary education of the Kaliakoir Upazila will reach its target.

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