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Breaking silenceEx-IGP Benazir denies corruption allegations

# Labels the national daily and TV channel as false and defamatory'

# Numerous claims made in the published news were entirely fabricated'

Former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Benazir has broken his silence three weeks after a national daily and a TV channel published sensational headlines alleging illicit assets in his possession. 

In a video message posted on Facebook, Benazir vehemently denied the accusations, labeling them as false and defamatory.

Addressing the allegations made against him and his family, Benazir said: “I retired from the job almost two years ago and have been living a quiet life since then. However, certain groups on social media have persistently defamed me, spreading false information.”

Benazir clarified that numerous claims made in the published news were entirely fabricated, including details regarding his family’s properties and financial assets. 

He expressed deep dismay at the dissemination of such misinformation, especially given his longstanding dedication to fighting corruption within the police force.

Highlighting his career contributions to police administration, Benazir emphasized his commitment to combating bribery and corruption, instituting reforms to improve public service quality, and addressing allegations of corruption in promotions.

Addressing allegations of his family’s involvement in business and agriculture, Benazir asserted their constitutional right to engage in lawful enterprises. 

He said: “Despite my status as a government employee, my wife and family members possess the constitutional right to engage in business activities within this country. There are no restrictions prohibiting them from legally acquiring wealth and land through business ventures; it is their constitutional and fundamental right.”

Mentioning that his family has been involved in farming and agriculture since 2014, he explained: “Our family has been investing in farms and agricultural ventures over the past decade. Initially, my family established a small fish farm, and our business gradually expanded from the profits generated.”

He also refuted claims of extensive land ownership near Dhaka.

He said: “I do not own extensive plots of land near Dhaka, nor do I possess a duplex house on 40 khata land in Purbachal. There is no additional 10 bigha of land adjacent to the aforementioned duplex in Purbachal. Furthermore, we do not own any flats or apartments in Moghbazar, Ramna, or Siddheshwari. My property ownership is limited to a plot I booked in Ananda Police Housing in Rupganj, for which I paid in installments.”

Benazir added: “It has been alleged that I purchased a 10 katha plot behind Farooq Market in Purbachal valued at Tk22 crore. However, I never acquired any property while serving as IGP or RAB DG. In 2001, I obtained a 10 katha plot through an application to Rajuk, which I later sold due to financial needs. Currently, my family does not own any plots or houses in Purbachal or Rupganj.”

Refuting claims of ownership in various businesses and properties, Benazir asserted that his family had no involvement in ventures such as Bhawal Resort, Unique Regency Hotel, or Padma Bank. 

He also denounced reports of gold business in Singapore and property acquisitions in Thailand and Malaysia as baseless.

The allegations against Benazir have garnered widespread attention since their publication last March, with investigative reports fueling discussions on social media. 

Dainik Kaler Kantho and NEWS24 have published a series of reports focusing on Benazir’s alleged corruption and extravagant lifestyle, sparking public debate.

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