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2018-11-19 07:20:21 BdST

Padma bridge: Peer piling starts after 15 months in modified design

Under the construction of Padma bridge, complexity occurred in July last year in 14 peer designs. Later, the same complexity arises in six more peers. Changes are made in these peer designs. These peer piling began recently, after 15 months of the error detection. In the meantime, the pylling pattern of the Mawa edges, which has caused flaws, is in full swing.

After the difference between the construction of the Padma bridge 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 19, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32 and 35, and after the separation of their piling work, Is. The same problem occurs in 24, 25, 28, 33, 34 and 36 peers. In view of these peer piling is kept in suspension. The British consulting firm of the bridge, Kauai engineers, has given a new design to these peers.

On Friday, on the outskirts of the project area, several piers, including 6, 7, 8 and 9 numbers of Mawa, were seen piling in modified designs. Of these, peer piling of 6, 7 and 8 is also visible. Hummer Hammer placed beside number 9 peer. Another huge hammer has 12 and 13 peers. In the same way, some piers in the middle Padma are also running.

There will be a total of 42 seats in the Padma Bridge. In between, there were six piles of six piers in the river, and six were to be piled. Changing the design pearls are being piled up to seven instead of seven. As a result, number of pills increased from 240 to 262

Asked about the matter, Padma bridge project panel president of the panel, Professor Jamilur Reza Chowdhury told the merchant's message that in the new design, six pies were replaced by six papers instead of six. Besides, the depth of piles has been reduced to 10-15 meters in place. The new design is under the supervision of consulting firm Kauai. Quick piling work in the modified design is going on.

Talks with multiple engineers of the Padma bridge project, most peer depths are 120-130 meters. But the design changes in the depth of the peer pine between 98 and 114 meters. The depth of the piers of the Mawa edges is relatively low. The depth of the peacocks of the changed design in the Jajira part is more than that.

It is known that the design of the Padma bridge from Kaira started from the beginning of March this year, the contractor company China Major Bridge Engineering Construction. Gradually, all the peer changed designs found the contracting company. In all, the complexity is about 15 months.

However, a member of the Panel of Expert Team of Padma Bridge project, said that the peer design will not prolong the work of the bridge. On condition of non-disclosure of the name, he said to the merchant's message that the complexity is not delayed by the construction work of the bridge. Because the part that has to change the design, only that part is not the main thing. There are more work out there. In the meantime, the contractors have taken the initiative forward.

If you want to know about the reasons for delay in construction, he said, Padma is one of the big and powerful rivers in the world. Its soil condition is also different. Different types of soil types are different. In order to build a Padma bridge with nature, it has to be built. About 10 thousand people are working on this project. There are also one thousand Chinese workers, who are working as experts. Outside there is a management consultant, a panel of experts. So many people are not sitting. Huge action is going on. Many of the political masters will say why it is not yet. But they probably do not know how big the task is. Such a foundation is the first in the world. The kind of hammer that was being worked on, the powerful hammer was not on the earth. Only made for the Padma bridge.

Referring to the rest of the bridge's work, he said, peeling on the bottom of the river, peeling of concrete is being taken. After peering the span will sit. Concrete beam will sit again on them. The railway will have to be installed. The station has to be built. There is still a lot of work left.

According to the Padma bridge project office, the work of 11 out of 40 peers within the river has been completely completed. Of the 262, top and bottom piling has 169. The total span will be 41 in the bridge. Of these, 17 span projects have reached the area, six of which have already been established. The work for the steel workshop in the China Workshop on Steel Plate ended 13 spans. The work is going on six more. These spans will arrive soon from Mawa Ghat from China, project officials said.

According to estimates, the construction of the connecting road and service area-2 of Mawa and Jazira end of the Padma bridge project is completely completed. 75 percent of the construction of the main bridge and the supervision of river governance consultants has been completed. So far, the work of river administration has ended up to 45 percent.

Asked about the project, Padma bridge project director Shafiqul Islam said the project's work was going on fast. In the meantime, more than one span will sit on the bridge. Up until now the progress of work is satisfactory.

The projected expiration of the Padma bridge project will end in November this year. So far, the progress of work is 59 percent. Naturally, the expansion of the project will be extended. Asked about how long the project extension may be extended by drawing attention to this, Senior Secretary of Bridge Division Khandker Anwarul Islam asked. But he did not agree to comment on this.

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